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Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, there are basic checks and simple tasks that individuals can perform without the assistance of a technician. Our ASE-certified technicians are available during our regular business hours to discuss your vehicle or equipment issue and answer any questions regarding how we can better assist you.

Automatic Transmission - All Makes

If your transmission has a dipstick, check if the transmission fluid is full. On most vehicles, you will do this with the engine running and the transmission in park. However, Chrysler/Jeep rear-wheel drive (RWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles must be shifted into neutral when the fluid level is being checked. Be certain to set the emergency brake and take all safety precautions specified by your vehicle's manufacturer. If you check one of these vehicles while in park and the reading says your fluid is full, you are actually between 1-3 quarts low. When in doubt, the instructions for each vehicle are stamped onto the dipstick. If you have a sealed transmission (no dipstick), a Mercedes, or a vehicle equipped with a Mercedes transmission, you will have to take the vehicle to a repair center to have the fluid level checked.

If you have a 1993 or later vehicle, be sure the battery is fully charged. An electronic transmission will not work correctly if the charging system is not working properly and doesn't keep the battery fully charged (or if the battery is weak or bad). If your truck has an Allison transmission and the voltage gets too low, the transmission won't engage and the vehicle won't move.

If you have an automatic transmission and it won't upshift into third gear (or higher), you may have an engine misfire issue. Many manufacturers, especially Ford, design their vehicles not to upshift into higher gears if the engine is misfiring. This is to prevent possible engine damage since the misfire may cause a detonation which, in turn, may cause major engine damage. If the engine doesn't run or drive smoothly, your vehicle should be scanned and tested for engine misfires. Another possible reason for a vehicle not to upshift is if the engine is running hotter than normal. Again, this is to protect your engine. If it is running hot, try to determine if you have low coolant or a slipping fan belt. In the case of electrically operated fans, the fan(s) may not be coming on when needed.

My car won't move but the speedometer needle moves.

Front-Wheel Drive

This means one of the axle shafts has popped out of position on the transaxle. Visually, you may see fluid coming out of the side where the shaft has popped out. This is normally a relatively minor repair, as long as the transaxle wasn't damaged when the axle came out.

Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles with Transfer Case Problems

All models - initially check tire size and pressure. Some models, especially full-time four-wheel drive, are so sensitive that a ?" difference between your tallest and shortest tires can cause overheating and possible damage to the transfer case. Not having the same tire size all the way around can cause severe problems. Incorrect or inconsistent tire sizes can cause catastrophic damage. If you're getting new tires, we highly recommend you replace all wheels with identical tires to protect the efficient operation of your vehicle. Be sure your battery is in good condition and that the charging system is working properly as electronically controlled transfer cases must have proper voltage to work correctly.

When in doubt, get in touch with our ASE-certified technicians.


, 11/03/2020
Absolutely outstanding in every way! They towed our car and then they went to Indianapolis to get the needed transmission part. The cost was one third of what another establishment quoted us. Fast, honest, and friendly! This is the place to go!
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